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        Congress of the CPC fifth hole hemp plant grand opening

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             June 25, 2015, the sun is shining, passion as fire. 8:30 am, the Fifth Congress of Hunan's Dongting ramie textile printing and dyeing factory buildings CCP seventh floor conference room opened. 101 party to the meeting heard and approved the "confidence to work together to accelerate the reform and innovation unity of thought hemp hole round development" Comrade rongjinlian work report on behalf of the Fourth Committee of the CPC hole hemp plant made easy behalf of the CPC, Comrade Zhang Yuan Cave hemp plant fourth Commission for Discipline Inspection made "to play the discipline inspection functions for the healthy and steady development of enterprises escort" Report. Party elected the fifth hole hemp factory Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission and the same session. Hunan Huasheng Group party secretary, Liu Zheng, chairman of the meeting, and gave a warm speech. After 4:00 pm, the agenda of the General Assembly to complete all, in a solemn, "The Internationale," the sound of the successful conclusion.


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