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Natural gets noticed ,focus makes us stronger 

        Our factory is located in Yueyang city, Hunan Province (mid south of China), which borders Guangdong to the south. The Lake Dongting area is important for ramie production and our factory is well known for its ramie yarn and fabric. We can produce ramie yarn covering 3NE to 42NE. and ramie/cotton and linen/cotton blended yarn, together with and all kinds of ramie and linen-linen/cotton fabrics. 
        Now we want to provide the best service for you, so we have enlarged our offices and established  the new Shanghai Domore Import and Export Company, replacing our Shanghai branch. 
        Our factory’s short Chinese name is Dongma (dongting ramie), so we have decided to use Domore as our company name.
        We do more to shorten the distance between you 
        We do more to reduce your costs  
        We do more make your business become easier
        Our main aim is  approach you directly and face to you frankly .Natural fabric ,the natural choice .focus makes us stronger 
        There are three key changes in our work:
        1.More choices on products 
        2.Short lead time 
        3.Highly qualified team 
        Our products include:
        1.Ramie slub fabric  
        2.Ramie plain fabric 
        3.Ramie voile 
        5.Linen/cotton interwoven 
        6.Linen y-dyed fabric 
        7.Linen /viscose 
        8.Linen and another fiber blended 
        9.Home textile 
        10 Printed fabric 
        11.Crepe fabric 
        12.Coating fabric 
        13.Delave fabric 
        14.Top dyed fabric 
        For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification or comments: info@shdomore.com
        Address: 5A05 Shanghai Mart ,West Yan’an Road Shanghai 200336 China 
        Tel : 21 62360456  
        Fax: 21-62360459 
        1.Sales             sales@shdomore.com
        2.Financial         accounting@shdomore.com
        3.Docs              doc@shdomore.com